30rd Rotten Banana Clip MAG47 Gen 2


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Behold, the MAG47 GEN2 custom cerakoted – the pinnacle of innovation in the world of AK47 banana mags. Crafted with an attention to detail that truly sets it apart, this 30-round AK47 Banana Magazine is uniquely American and a must-have for dedicated AK enthusiasts.

Each is one of a kind. If you have to ask why, this isn’t for you.

Constructed with an unspeakably sturdy polymer, the MAG47 GEN2 is the epitome of reliability, setting a benchmark in the banana magazines market. Exemplifying the enduring tenets of the formidable AK47 repertoire, this banana mag combines the best in resilience and performance.

The MAG47 GEN2 boasts stainless steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs, a design innovation that delivers unprecedented strength where it matters the most. Its ultra-durable composite construction is an assurance that your banana mag will outlast extensive use. The ingenious spring anti-bind mechanism and the stainless steel spring safeguard against function flaws, securing your success in the field or at the range. Ease of maintenance is also a selling point of this banana mag, featuring a quick-release base plate ensuring effortless cleaning.

A high on the compatibility scale, the MAG47 GEN2 is crafted to comfortably fit most AK47 models. Rigorously tested with over 20,000 rounds fired, this banana magazine has an impressive proven track record of unbeatable reliability and has been meticulously fine-tuned to fit with every tested rifle without a hitch.

Cerakoted Banana Mags

For enthusiasts who wish for a version with a Bolt Hold Open, the MAG47 BHO 30 Round AK47 Magazine would be the ideal choice. A generous 30-round capacity makes the MAG47 GEN2 a top choice for your shooting arsenal.

Elevate your AK47 experience by investing in the MAG47 GEN2 banana magazines – a testament to the strength, reliability, and legendary prowess of the iconic AK47. A supreme quality product that stays true to the time-tested reliability of this esteemed weapon platform.



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