Frequently Asked Questions about the ATG™ AR15 Grip

We know you may be curious about our XTechTactical adjustable tactical grip, so we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

We know you may be curious about our XTechTactical adjustable tactical grip, so we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to remove the mounting screw to adjust?
No, you just need to loosen it far enough to disengage the interlocking teeth.

How do I know which setting I am on?
There are three scribe markings on the back of the grip, simply line it up to the desired setting and tighten down.

What does the grip weigh?
The grip weighs 77 grams. For reference the A2 (stock) grip weighs 68+ grams and other aftermarket grips weigh 80-100+ grams.

What creates the strength of the ATG™?
 The strength comes from its mechanical design which includes the tapered interlocking teeth, stainless steel bolt, and locking washer. This combination allows the grip to function as a single piece grip at any of the three angles.

Is there any movement within the grip caused by recoil, etc?
No, so long as the grip is properly installed and fully tightened down there is zero movement.

Will the same shooter find different angles more comfortable at different times?
 Yes, in all of our test markets each shooter found at least two different angles they preferred during particular drills and stances. The main driving force behind changing the angle are stock length and stance.

Will the Adjustable Tactical Grip (ATG™ Grip) make me shoot better?
Practice, paired with proper training, are the best ways to improve results. What we offer is a simple solution to optimize the users wrist angle leading to improved comfort and control.

How is the ATG™ Grip so affordable?
We strongly believe that innovation should not come with a high price tag. Our experience in  manufacturing allowed us to produce an extremely high quality product at a very reasonable price point. Innovation at an affordable price point is what you can expect from all of XTech Tactical’s products.

Will it come in other colors?
Yes, black and FDE are currently available. In the near future we will be adding OD green and stealth gray.

Is the grip available outside of the US?
The ATG™ is currently only available in the US. However, we will update our website and Facebook page when the grip is available outside the US.

In 2013, XTech Tactical was formed to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for the AR style rifles and other small arms. Our products include AR15 Grips, AR15 Lower Parts Kit, and much more.

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