MAG47 - The Toughest US Made AK47 Mag

Treat your AK47 to the Toughest US Produced AK47 magazine ever produced. Don’t trust the reliability of your rifle to rusty surplus mags, feed your rifle with the Stainless Steel Re-enforced MAG47!

XTech Speedmag – 30 Round Easy Load AR15 Mag

Made in America, Our XTech Speedmag Easy Loading AR15 Magazine Combines a World-Class AR15 Magazine and Speed Loader in One! With a Stainless Steel Spring, the Speedmag Fits all AR15 and M4 Mil-Spec Receivers.

XTech Magazine Extensions

Made in America, our Smith & Wesson Shield Magazine Extensions and our +5 Extenders are Perfect Choices for Range or EDC Users. We have complete H&K VP9 / P30 +15 and +20 Round Magazines as well!

ATG™ Adjustable Tactical Grips and Other Accessories

Made in America, our ATG™ Adjustable Tactical Grip exceeds industry standards for quality, strength and durability.

Commufornia Special 10 Round AK 47 Magazine

Live in a State With Restrictive Laws But Don’t Want a Silly Looking 10-Round mag? XTech’s Commufornia Special looks like a standard 30-Round magazine but has a reduced 10-Round Capacity. We Even Have a Conversion Kit To Bring It Back To Standard Capacity When Those Unconstional Laws Are Struck Down.

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In 2013, XTech Tactical was formed to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for the AR style rifles and other small arms. Our products include AR15 Grips, AR15 Lower Parts Kit, and much more.

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