When XTech Tactical’s design team set out to create the most comfortable AR15 grip they looked at it from every angle.  The resulting ATG™ (Adjustable Tactical Grip) is the new standard for comfort in the industry.  Not only does its shape contribute to comfort, so does its position.

Wrist comfortA Sense Of Placement For Any Size Hand

The team studied the firearms market for standout grips both outside and within the AR platform.  The primary lessons for shape are shown in Fig. 1.  “Subtle finger grooves” provide a sense of placement for any size hand.

Better Comfort

The rear of the grip has a “slight palm swell” that nests into your hand for better comfort and control.  The rear wall of the grip extends downward as low as possible to maximize the hand’s purchase and support.

Balance and Control

Finally, the texture was carefully selected and placed to balance control and comfort.  The rest of the details are in the 3D shape which was optimized using prototypes and user testing.

Grip Angle

The most unique feature of the ATG™ is the adjustability of the grip’s angle.  This is an acknowledgement by XTech Tactical’s design team that there is a wide range of shooting styles and shooter sizes.

The ability to change angles of the grip can relieve stress on the shooter’s wrist as shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3.

Put It All Together

These elements all work together to make this very likely the most comfortable grip you will ever try and the last grip you will ever need to purchase.