Sig Sauer P365 Magazine & MTX 365 9mm 13 rounds- Standard Grip


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  • Includes Factory 10 Round 9mm Magazine plus 3 Round Extension
  • Includes Easy Loading Follower
  • For use ONLY with P365 9mm standard frames.
  • Sig P365 9mm Magazine Extension is Made in USA
  • Innovative Patented Design For 100% reliable function
  • The MTX Extension Provides Much Improved Grip and Control without going to the XL frame.
  • Custom Engineered Spring
  • One of the Best P365 Upgrades
  • Patents: US 11,408,697 B2, US 11,168,954 B1


This set up is the ultimate EDC magazine for the P365 with the standard grip module, why?

-The ideal ergonomics (shape) of the MTX gives you a natural high grip on the pistol. Compared to the factory 12rd magazine which brings your palm down due to its angle pushing your pinky forward. Also, we have never met a customer that doesn’t prefer our MTX installed with the standard module over the X or XL grip module. That paired with the ability to shrink down with a magazine swap make this a no-brainer!

-Easy adaptability: we live in Arizona where the weather for half the year gets super warm. So there are times where we struggle to conceal our P365. With the standard module and MTX set up, if you need a smaller package size, just swap your magazine to a factory flush fit magazine.

-Flawless feeding: our newest utility patent for magazine extensions do make us the ONLY P365 magazine extension for 10rd and 12rd magazines. But you are in luck as our first patent allows us to guarantee flawless feeding. We have thousands of happy customers with ZERO known feeding issues. This is also in part to our extreme testing protocol. We do all we can to ensure our products are ready for release before we launch them. This product took over 12 months longer than expected. But that’s our commitment to you!

-100% Custom Engineered Components: this was not the initial plan, but we ended up developing every single element of the magazine (outside of the magazine) body from scratch. The spring is precision engineered from 17-7 stainless steel to match the force profile of the factory spring. (This is a feature of all our MTX products)

-Ideal length for best grip: the 13rd Extended Magazine is the best balance of length and round count available. The grip gives you complete support and a better natural point of aim vs the factory options.

Please note this only works with P365 9mm standard frames

US Patents: US 11,408,697 B2 and US 11,168,954 B1



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